Staff Positions

General Counselors

Every bunk has roughly 2-3 General Counselors, and 1-2 specialty counselors. As a general counselor, you will not only sleep with the campers in the bunk, but accompany them to all of their various activities throughout the day. From meals to sports, our general counselors develop incredible relationships with our campers and help them grow and develop from the first day of camp to the last.

Specialty Counselors

Our specialists have extensive backgrounds in a particular activity. As a specialty counselor, you still maintain many bunk responsibilities, but when it is time for the first activity period, you travel to your specialty instead of with your bunk. You will have a Head Staff Member overseeing your scheduling and specialty and you will provide to the campers tremendous guidance and expertise in your specialty. Areas of speciality include:

  • Athletics
  • Waterfront
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Fine Arts
  • Outdoor Adventure (Including High Ropes)
  • Creative Arts
  • Fitness
  • Health Care
  • Support Staff