Our Core Four Program

The Tioga Story

Welcome Home. That’s the foundation that Camp Tioga is built upon. When you come through our front gate, you immediately feel that warm comfort of home. Home is where your family is, where you friends are, and where the best memories of your life are made.

Our Core-Four Program is built with our Core Four Values: Friendship, Independence, Confidence, and Inclusion. Our Tioga family is a comfortable space designed for our campers to explore new interests, new friendships, and have an incredible summer experience that will last a lifetime. Our technology-free setting which was founded in 1997 is family owned and operated. Our camp community is like no other, a place where everyone knows your name, and we love watching each individual camper develop and grow from the beginning of the summer to the end, and from their first summer to their last.

Our Four Week Program

Our Four Week Program is a fantastic balance between innovation and traditional camp experiences that keep our campers excited for each day’s special events and activities. Each day at camp is something new, that adds on to our incredible day-to-day activity programming.

Our four week program is the perfect length for our campers to develop incredible connections with campers both in their bunk, as well as the Tioga community as a whole, while still allowing our families to enjoy family vacations, or ever-changing school calendars across the US and abroad.

Tradition Night

There is no better way to feel our culture than through our tradition night. Our whole camp sits down together in the center of camp weekly to have a night of fun, laughs, and of course, tradition. Our evening is spent watching performances by fellow campers, dance parties, and ice cream sundaes. Once the sun sets we reflect on the week that has passed with our weekly video (including some original flicks by our campers!) and end the night arms linked, singing our Camp Tioga Traditional song and enjoying fireworks. From our youngest campers to our oldest CITs, our whole camp is engaged start to finish, and looks forward to Tradition Night all week!