Our Values

Our Core-4 Values are what drive each and every moment of the Camp Tioga experience. From the first-time our new campers step foot on camp, through our oldest campers, each member of the Tioga Family learns and emphasizes our Core-4 Values.


We see the development of friendship in our community when first-time campers are laughing and making friendship bracelets together in Arts & Crafts.


We see the development of independence in our community every time a camper makes his/her bed for the first time.


We see the development of confidence in our community when a camper who has never performed in front of others, steps up onstage at “Tioga’s Got Talent” to sing in front of our entire community.


We see the strength of inclusion in our community when a camper puts his/her arm around another on Tradition Night, regardless of whether they are next-door neighbors with similar interests or whether they are from a different state with different interests.

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