Program & Activities

The Tioga Program

Our Program allows campers to both achieve their individual goals and to build memories as a bunk. The morning program includes structured activities with your bunk, a great chance to make memories and share laughs at our various activities through camp. The afternoon is 100% your choice. If you want to hone in on your basketball skills, our basketball director can help you run through fantastic drills and training programs to help you get better. If you want to make the perfect creme brulee, you can head over to our kitchen where our Cooking Director can help you learn how to cook a delicious dessert. Or if you just want to hang around, our circus staff would love to work with you on our trapeze!

Daily Schedule

Wake up
A big morning announcement followed by a crazy song to get everyone going!
We’ll fill you in on everything you need to know for the day and celebrate any birthdays that are happening
Pancakes, waffles, eggs, cereal, fruit, yogurts and more. Fuel up first thing with energy for the day
Clean up & go!
Before we head to morning activities it’s time to make our beds, clean up the bunk and get it ready for inspection. The cleaner it is the better score you get and the more prizes you’ll receive!
Period 1
First scheduled activity of the day, with the rest of your bunk
Period 2
Second scheduled activity of the day, with the rest of your bunk
Period 3
Third scheduled activity of the day, with the rest of your bunk
Choose from a great selection of food, including a fresh salad bar, then get ready for something a little wild! Our CRAZY lunches are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! Get dressed up, get up on your benches and get ready for some noise!!!
Rest hour
A little wind-down time to hang out with friends.
Choice Period 1
It's up to you! Our campers choose what activities they want to participate in during choice. This allows campers to hone in on specialities and develop skills wherever they want!
Choice Period 2
Think you'd only be able to pick one choice? No way! Take a second period to chose another activity that you want to take part in, try something new!
Everyday you have the option to swim! This is a chance to cool off. You will have the option to either go for a swim in our pools or hang out down at Lake Tioga enjoying our Wibit, boats, or our 150 foot suspended water-slide!
Shower Hour
Freshen up for the evening after a great day of activities.
Feast on a wide variety of foods. Even if you are a picky eater, we will make sure you’ll find something to eat. No one ever leaves our Dining Hall hungry!
Free Time
Let your dinner settle in and get ready for the Evening’s Events.
Evening Activity
Each night of the summer will be filled with a Special Event. Get ready to play games, laugh, win prizes and so much more!
The final part of the day. Head to canteen for a snack and a little social and relaxation time with your entire Division. Then head back to your bunk and start getting ready for bed so we can do it all over again!