Circus Arts

The Camp Tioga Circus Program is second to none in the camping industry. With over 25 Years of Camp Tioga experience, our team of professional acrobats focuses on each individual camper’s goals to fly through the sky! It all begins with the flying trapeze. Our signature program provides our campers the opportunity to fly high through the sky as they learn module through module and develop new acrobatic skills. 

“I’ve spent 5 summers learning new Trapeze skills and I can’t wait to get back to Camp this summer to learn more!”

Jessie – 6th summer

Our Circus Staff

The team is comprised of the best international circus performers, many of which have previously been part of the Cirque du Soleil team. In addition to being world class performers, our team members are also world class teachers. Many of our team members have spent years working at the finest summer camps in the Northeast, developing their own engaging teaching stye and building lifelong relationships with campers.